Plastic-related Articles

A Small Cottage Industry
OnEarth, June 2013

If the food’s in plastic, what’s in the food?
The Washington Post, April 16, 2012

Plastic: Too Good to Throw Away
New York Times, March 2011

Vitamin Cure
Discover, May 2005

Other Articles

Rebuilding Our Badly Broken Pets
New York Times, January 2014

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OnEarth, December 2012

In Each Shell a Story

OnEarth, May 2012

"Why I Still Believe in the Zoo"
OnEarth, March 2008

"The Case of the Notorious Depression Drug"
San Francisco magazine, May 2007

"The Biology of... Flowers"
DISCOVER, April 2004

"If All The Trees Fall in the Forest"
DISCOVER, December 2002

Chestnut-related Articles

Trees by Design
The Boston Globe, Dec. 23, 2007 


Smithsonian, September 2004

"Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree"
The New York Times, April 30, 2005

"Saving an American Icon"
On Earth, Spring 2006